Artist Biography

In her mid-twenties Kim discovered her passion for painting. Her work acknowledges the beauty of the natural world in a unique way and has been called whimsical, playful and sometimes quirky. While her early work began with self-portraits using brightly colored oil paint it has evolved into vivid gouache watercolor paintings combined with pen and ink of circus performers, musicians and dancers. Then birds flew into her work. She admits to loving all birds, but particularly crows. It is their vulnerability, their beauty and their quiet intelligence that she calls upon for inspiration and guidance.

Her understanding of negative space along with her ability to produce elaborate patterns of finely detailed work has developed into her own avenue of expression. She sometimes calls herself a folk expressionist because of being self-taught and from her inner expression of making sense of her world.

She has connected to the use of metaphor in her paintings: the concept of path as a journey; using trees to symbolize being rooted to a sense of place; and the metaphor of birds being messengers from above.  Rhythm is always at foot in Kim’s paintings. She uses the musical score from The Beatles song Good Day Sunshine in her painting “Band of Crows” to accentuate her beloved crows dancing and playing music on a stage.

Kim’s life has rounded out to be inclusive of her passion for art, her love of birds and has incorporated her respect for performance. She will continue to evolve with the visions and creations she works on through the medium of art.